Ari’s Frozen Luau Birthday Party {Part 1}

After spending ages looking for a downtown event space in kansas city, we found a few great options and put them all to Ari so that she could decide where she’d like to go. Surprisingly, she wanted to stay at home, but unsurprisingly she wanted a Frozen theme. Last weekend we had a blast throwing Ari her 3rd birthday party and it was a full day spent with friends and family (and a visit from Elsa herself!). It’s safe to say I had a lot of fun decorating and adding a tropical twist to this popular theme (are there any kids who haven’t asked for a Frozen party?!) and as always I loved the challenge of bringing it all together without blowing the budget. Perhaps the most expensive part of the whole party was the bouncy castle, but this was SO worth it. It provided the kids with hours of entertainment and gave them somewhere to burn off some of the calories they consumed. We weren’t sure whether to have one initially, but after seeing some of the bouncy castles perth had to offer and how much Ari enjoyed them on our last visit to Australia, we decided it was worth it. I’m glad we did, as the one we hired for this party was just as good.

Because Olaf loves Summer in the movie, I figured this wasn’t stretching the theme too far and looking up ideas was a lot of fun- we even tracked down an Olaf balloon that we decked out in luau attire! As I was going through the photos I decided to share about Ari’s party in two posts (see Part 2 here) so I could show the tropical/ luau part of it in one post and focus on the Frozen part of in another. I was really happy with how it all came together and can’t wait to share more about Ari’s party below and in Part 2. If you see something you like, scroll to the end of the post for my list of sources.

While scouring Pinterest for ideas I fell in love with the idea of a balloon arch but wanted to make a version using household items we had on hand. To make it I twisted a long piece of craft paper and anchored it by taping it to bamboo sticks. I then used fishing twine to hang the craft paper from the ceiling in the shape I wanted and layered balloons using double sided foam tape until I was happy with the effect. I finished it off with fake tropical leaves for a pop of green. Not bad for only about $20, thank you Turkey’s and the dollar store!
Since I went with a lot of pink, I wanted to use the food and serving ware to tie in Frozen with the tropical decor. There was gourmet popcorn with snowflake sprinkles in pretty blue cups from The Popcorn Bar and a beautiful ombre cake by The Delighted Baker (half gluten/ dairy free, half regular, so everyone could enjoy some!), plus an ice cream station for sweet Frozen- inspired treats. I also picked up things like blue striped paper straws and plastic cutlery along with other small details to bring in some pops of blue (PS more on those cute paper tiaras from Paper + Parties Co in Part 2!).

Another fun little project I did was the confetti ice bucket. I thought this would be perfect to keep drinks cold and it was super simple to make, plus what says ‘party’ more than confetti??? I stocked up on some fun mixes from Dixie + Twine (she even included some mini pineapples and flamingos to match the glitter garlands she made for me) and froze water between two buckets to create one out of ice. All you have to do is fill one bucket 1/3 full with water, toss in some confetti and glitter and allow to freeze. Then place a smaller bucket inside and weigh it down before filling the rest with water and more confetti/ glitter. I did this part in 2 steps so I could layer the confetti and glitter since it floats to the top. Once it’s frozen and you’re ready, just set in a shallow dish to catch any drips and pop in your favourite drink to chill!

Instead of buying a big gift for Ari this year, we opted to ask Elsa to visit her and her little guests. The kids enjoyed singing, games, and makeup with Elsa thanks to My Little Birthday Princess (more about that in Part 2!) and the kids were sent home with some pineapple goodie bags and paper crowns from Paper + Parties Co. I can’t wait to share more about Ari’s birthday in Part 2 and how we brought the Frozen theme together. I’ll include my full sources list in both posts to make it easy to see where everything is from. I really had a blast with this theme and I hope it gives you some ideas for your own kid’s parties that don’t blow the budget.

Part 2 of Ari’s Frozen Luau birthday party coming soon!

The Delighted Baker
Instagram: @thedelightedbaker
Opening for orders soon!

The Popcorn Bar
Twitter: @the_popcorn_bar

‘Let It Go’ banner, glitter tiaras, &snowflake table runner
Paper & Parties Co
Instagram: @paperandparties
Facebook: Paper & Parties

Gold glitter cake topper, pineapple and flamingo glitter garlands, flamingo & pineapple confetti (used to make frozen ice bucket)
Dixie + Twine
Instagram: @dixieandtwine
Pinterest: Dixie + Twine

Balloons, Olaf balloon, tissue honeycombs, plastic wine glasses, party straws, drink umbrellas, faux tropical leaves
Turkey’s Party Makers
Instagram: @turkeyspartymakers
Facebook: Turkeys Party Makers Ltd

Misc decorations: Grass table skirt, faux grasses (on wall), ice cream cups & spoons, basic balloons, flamingo lawn decoration

Elsa (see Part 2 of Ari’s birthday party here)
My Little Birthday Princess
Twitter: @mylittlebday


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