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A little bit of time for ourselves is important; some TLC and R&R even more so. But as busy ladies it can be hard to carve out time each day- or even each week!- to focus on ourselves, if even for only a few minutes. One thing I always try and make time for is my skin; I have a nightly 5 minute routine that I am stubbornly dedicated to. While sleep, drinking plenty of water, and a balanced diet are important factors to healthy skin, the little bit of time it takes to take care of ourselves is also a valuable de- stressing opportunity (and let’s be honest, sleep deprivation goes with the territory of being a Mom!). I can’t even remember the last time I had a decent night’s sleep. It’s definitely been a long time that’s for sure, but I wouldn’t change being a mom for the world. I know for a fact that a lack of sleep is going to take its toll on the look of my skin sooner rather than later. I want to do everything I can to avoid aging so soon, so I am looking into more brands like caryo and doing my research to find out what would be best for my skin. Although it appears that you don’t have to be a parent to suffer from sleep deprivation as my friend is currently experiencing it herself. She said it’s because she’s really stressed from her job, and finds it hard to get to sleep at night due to her mind being in constant overdrive. She said she’s been pointed in the direction of some massachusetts dispensaries to see if she can find the best cannabis-infused products to help with her sleep deprivation, as the use of cannabis has been known to help with ailments like this. I hope it works for her because she’s said that it’s completely taking over her life, and as a result, her skin is also getting worse because of it. And this isn’t good at all.
While we may be able to spend some valuable time taking care of ourselves, the products we use can also play a major role in our skin’s health. Since my goal has been to go as natural as possible, I have eliminated almost all products from my skincare routine (my makeup on the other hand is still a major work in progress). Having all natural skincare products in my routine makes me feel like my skin is more cared for and I love it, I can breathe easy knowing that I’m giving my skin the best care I can when I clean it. In order to be able to achieve the natural no make up look you have to make sure you’re putting your time into your skin instead. I do have to have a few treatments with surgical lasers every now and again to eradicate stubborn issues, but I largely manage to keep it simple. From an early age my Mum taught me the importance of proper skincare and bought me the classic 3- step kit from a famous beauty brand; for years I was a loyal consumer using only the one set of products for my skin. Over time my choices have changed for a variety of reasons, with budget and the product ingredients being key factors in switching. Now I use a natural soap- usually a bar- warm water, and a natural face cream. That’s it. For those of you who are skeptical of such a pared- back approach I will admit I was skeptical at first too. However, my skin has never been clearer or healthier since eliminating the products with a seemingly endless list of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, let alone know what they were.

With all this in mind, I thought it was time I put together a post dedicated to us ladies who deserve some valuable ‘me’ time; and where better to start than our skin? With everything we put ourselves through on a daily basis, we don’t need help with the aging process! Since switching regimes, I have found some amazing natural products that I love to use; I spoke with one of the lovely ladies from one of my favourite brands, Mediterra Soaps, about a back to basics approach to skincare. Here’s what she had to say…
TPB: What is your approach to skincare?
Hanane: Beauty care does not have to be a complicated multiple step process. We all have a unique natural beauty. We should let that shine, not cover it up.
TPB: What is your skincare routine?
Hanane: My back to basic skin routine: I use my pure olive soap as my face wash followed by organic Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer. It’s that simple.
TPB: What advice to you have to women about their skincare routine?
Hanane: Keep it simple ladies. Let’s all get back to basics when it comes to our beauty. I believe taking care of your beauty should be simple with simple ingredients that nature provides.

TPB: Tell us a little more about yourself & how you got started
I have been interested in soap making since I
started watching my grandfather make olive oil soap, also known as the famous
Castile Soap, the mildest soap on the planet. We are from the Mediterranean and
therefor have access to many organic olive trees. My grandfather would press
the olives by hand using some of the oil for cooking and the remains he would
turn into pure olive oil soap. I was fascinated by the process. It wasn’t until
7 years ago that I really started to create my own soaps; I found it extremely
therapeutic and relaxing. It was then that I knew I had found one of my passions in
life. My soaps all consist of olive oil, and I combine some with coconut butter and palm butter. Due to some controversy
about many large companies destroying the rainforest to extract the palm, I use
palm butter from a supplier that only sources it from a renewable source. No
harm is caused to the environment.
TPB: How did you decide to turn this passion into a business?
Hanane: After supplying my family and friends with endless supplies of
soaps, many suggested that I try to turn the hobby into a small business. I
always knew that my background soaping knowledge gained from my grandfather and
the many years on my own provided the platform to produce an exceptional
product. Now I can share that product with others.
TPB: What is your favourite part of
what you do? What is the biggest challenge?
Hanane: My favourite part of what I
do is the joy I feel and the peaceful state I am in when I am creating soaps.
The challenge is accepting the fact that the picture and the idea you have in
your mind of what you want the finished product to look like don’t always work out the way you envision it.
Sometimes I am completely off, but other times I am pleasantly happy with the outcome.
TPB: Any advice to others looking to start their own business?
Hanane: Find something you love, work on it, improve it always, and then
when it is ready, don’t be afraid to share your masterpiece.
Hanane handcrafts her all natural soaps for body, face, and baby. Not only are her products natural, they are affordable; everything is $8 CAD and under! To find out more about Hanane and her amazing handmade beauty & skincare products, you can check out the Mediterra Etsy Store, & the Mediterra Facebook Page, or contact her via email at

If you’re curious about trying out a natural skincare regime, Hanane has generously offered up a gift basket featuring some of the her most popular items for TPB readers! The goodies include 3 bars of natural soap: a pure olive oil bar (that’s what I use!), a cranberry crush bar, and a lavender fields bar with a rose cup cake soap, & loofa. A perfect variety to help you find what option(s) work best for you. Enter on our CONTESTS page!

Here’s to a more natural, beautiful you ladies! <3

Product images courtesy of Mediterra Soaps
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