DIY Boho Shoulder Bag

Have you ever had a bag that you love so much that it gets worn out from all the use? Bags and purses are one of those things that when you find one you like, it’s hard to make a switch. I’ve had the same leather backpack since I was about 19 and it’s still going strong. I love it! I’ve always been someone who uses the same bag everyday and even though it’s one more thing to lug around with kids, I can’t give up my purse for a cute little clutch. I just can’t. I’m guilty of always having way too much stuff in mine and having it weigh as much as a mini suitcase (and I know I’m not alone on this ladies!). But sometimes I do like to switch it up- like if I’m going out, or want something for a specific outfit- and I’ll transfer my wallet and other essentials to a different bag.

And that’s kind of what inspired this DIY. I’ve been looking for a shoulder bag for a little while to throw on with casual outfits, and I’ve seen so may cute ones with leather tassels and fringe. I’m loving the boho/artist syle at the moment and I’ve taken inspiration from an American made canvas backpack I’ve seen. It’s super cute. But instead of splurging on an expensive one, I thought I’d try and make one myself. Why not, could be fun, right? So I found an inexpensive bag at one of my favourite thrift stores and cut up some scrap leather left over from another project. I didn’t use any dirty leather as that is one of my pet hates. Considering this project didn’t even cost me $10 I’m pretty happy with the result! See below for the super simple how- to.

– leather or leather- look bag (the simpler the style, the easier to attach the leather fringe)
– leather in the colour of your choice
– scissors
– hot glue gun (as hot as you can find)

1. Begin by measuring the area you want to cover. Depending on how long you want your fringe to be you may need more or less leather to get the coverage you want.

2. Measure the pieces of leather for the fringe. Again the length can vary depending on the look you want, just make sure it’s wide enough for the area you want to cover.

3. Using really sharp scissors, cut the leather pieces to size and then begin making cuts approx 1/8″ apart, cutting to about 1/4″ from the top edge. This can be a little tedious, but take your time to keep your cuts as straight as possible so your fringe is even.

4. When you’ve cut all of your fringe strips, start gluing them on. You can use a leather or strong fabric glue if that works, I just had this glue gun and it worked fine- but hotter is definitely better.

5. Trim any little pieces of leather away if necessary and voila! (You can also make a little tassel out of leftover leather as a cute embellishment). How easy was that? Now just to pick an outfit to wear… 😉

Styled photos- Miriam Elizabeth Photography


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