DIY Crayons

One of my good friends recently threw her son a safari- themed 2nd birthday & included some adorable homemade crayons in the goodie bags. I affectionately think of this talented lady as a Martha- Mom, one of those ladies whose projects are Pinterest- worthy (see this post for another of the DIY projects she contributed to TPB), and to top off her creativity this sweet lady took photos as she made them & sent me her how- to so I could share it with my readers! If you’ve been thinking about making some or are trying to think of a way to use up all the broken crayons in your house (multi- coloured ones are cute too!), this simple DIY is a fun project to do with your kiddos and make a great gift/ party favour. Here’s Celine’s DIY Crayon how- to.
How to make your own DIY crayons:
crayon mold (silicone ice cube trays work great)
exacto knife or other sharp knife
baking tray
1) Preheat oven to 350 F. Use an exacto knife, box cutter, or paring knife to cut the crayons out of their wrappers.  Don’t mix them up if you’re trying to make single colour crayons. I got a giant bag from Value Village for $2.99. 
Tip: Crayola crayons seem to work the best, I tried others including the dollar store brands and freebies from restaurant chains, but they
had way too much paraffin wax in them that would separate during melting and
float to the top.  

2) Break the crayons into pieces small enough to fit your mould. You can break them up by hand or use a knife & cut them.  I used a silicon ice-cube mould I
found in a thrift shop, which made it super easy to pop the crayons out in the end.
3) Place mould on a old baking tray (just in case you put too much in and the melting crayons over flow) and bake for about 15- 20 minutes. How long the crayons need will depend on your oven and how much crayon you’re using. Tip: About half way through melting, pull them out and top up with additional crayon pieces so that the mould is nice and full. At the end stir with a toothpick to mix up any wax that has separated from the pigment.

4) Remove from oven & allow to cool completely before popping them out of the mould. However long they are in the oven is how long they
need to cool before popping them out of the mould. If the crayons break as you pop them out, no worries, just cut them up and re-melt.  I did this several
times learning how to get my timing perfect. Tip: If a colour leaks from one space to another in the mould, allow the
crayon to cool completely and cut the
wrong colour out with a paring knife and then re-melt the crayon so that it’s
the perfect shape. 

How cute are these???

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