Healthy is Sexy: Catching Up on the Juicing Craze with Sexy Juice

Everywhere you turn right now, juice is all the rage. At home juicing, cold- pressed, fresh squeezed… what the heck is all the hype about and what does it mean to you and your family? Will has been a dedicated juicer for some time now and a dear friend of mine swears by it. For many of us, time is of the essence and sometimes adding a kick of nutritious goodness means picking up something out of convenience.
For all you busy Moms & Dads looking for a boost, or for those picky kiddos who just don’t dig their fruits & veggies, a serving of fresh juice could be a great on- the- go solution. It can be a little messy thanks to the pulp that juicers produce which, but if you have a well-designed juicer this is pretty easy to get rid of. However, if you’ve got the time to be ultra efficient, juice pulp doesn’t need to go in the garbage, here are some creative uses from Juice Buff. There is some scepticism about many of the options out there when it comes to juicing, so to help me figure out where the benefits lie I spoke with the lovely Summer from Sexy Juice to help me wrap my mind around the juicing craze, and for all those who read the words Sexy Juice and think it’s more porn like than juicing sorry to disappoint it’s definitely without question about juicing.
Healthy is Sexy!

TPB: What are the benefits of having juice in your diet?

S: There are so many! First though I should clarify that these are the benefits of COLD PRESSED juice. Cold pressed juice contains the most whole nutrients, enzymes, minerals, and proteins; this is because of the way cold pressed juice is extracted – no heat! Drinking a cold pressed juice is such a easy way of ensure you are getting your daily nutrition. And, if you want to try giving your body a boost to help absorb all those vitamins you could consider giving a liposomal cbd broad spectrum extract a try alongside your next glass, i’ve heard from people that it can really help jumpstart the body to get used to the juice.
I am the mother of a three year old and an entire day can go by and I’ve only eaten a couple bites of her scraps. If I can start my day with a juice, that is 16oz of pure goodness – nothing processed. You really do feel amazing, if I can go as far as to say elated. When I first started implementing cold pressed juice into my diet, they are so nutrient dense it was an actual physical reaction, I felt amazing, alert, energized. They taste great.
TPB: What are some good ingredients to look for?
S: If you’re going to drink one juice every 1-2 days I would suggest to go with a greens one – especially with kale. Anything with dark leafy greens will be good for you all around. However, drinking 16oz of fruits and veggies – you can’t go wrong.
TPB: Can you suggest some ‘top 3’ combos? (ie for a cleanse, energy, etc)?

S: I don’t think any specific combo is better than another. All fruits and veg have so many benefits. However, here’s a good way to look at it: if you want beauty, go for something with beets; if you’re looking for energy, find something with chia seeds or ginger. It comes down to taste, if you like the taste you are much more likely to drink it often which is key for the juice to be most beneficial.

TPB: What are some popular juice(s)?

S: Our Good Morning Sunshine seems to be the most popular, anything with pineapple is really popular too and our nut mylks are a bit hit.

Everyone is different and everyone has their favourites but my team spent a lot of time and effort crafting and re-crafting these recipes so they taste good and your body will crave it.

TPB: Any other info that’s important for people to know about juices?

S: People often get caught up that they have to do a cleanse to get the benefits of a cold pressed juice, which can be really daunting. They’re just a great item to include in your diet, cleanse or no cleanse. I have a lot of mom customers who have 3- 4 a week. They’re good just to have in the fridge on those crazy day’s when food seems to be the last priority.

About Sexy Juice: At Sexy Juice our message is ‘healthy is sexy’, you can see how healthy the women at websites similar to ( are so you can see where we are coming from, it’s not about being a certain size, the things we aquire, the color of our hair, how put together we are. We are encouraging our readers to keep health simple, go back to the basics by feeding your body whole and un-processed ingredients. Keeping this things on hand is key to success, you truly will feel amazing from the inside and that shines through to the outside – every time.?

For more info about this awesome local company and to learn about their workplace program, click here! Find them on Facebook and Twitter & Instagram: @s_e_x_y_juice
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Images courtesy of Sexy Juice


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