Yummy Mummy Monday: 3 Tips for Delicious Smoothies + Recipes

I’m excited to have my friend Jena back with this yummy post all about smoothies! They’re a great meal on- the- go for busy Moms & families and a perfect chance to get in some valuable nutrients (I love her idea for using frozen kale pucks!). I’m going to keep my intro simple & hand it over to Jena… 🙂
I want to start by sharing 3 tips I’ve learned that take smoothies from good to great. And two involve the freezer:
1. Ice.
may seem obvious to smoothie veterans out there, but in my household we only
recently made the life-changing discovery. Seriously. You know the days when
you try a different smoothie combo and you end up choking down a barely
palatable, somewhat warm (from blending) concoction? If you had added ice, it
would have been 100% easier to swallow that green awfulness.
2. Dates. 
What could possibly have made
the afore-mentioned awful smoothie more digestible? Dates. They are a great,
non-processed, natural sweetener to take the edge off less palatable flavours.
Freeze your greens! 
We are lucky enough to have a garden that produces more
kale than we know what to do with. This summer I started freezing it for
smoothies, and I haven’t purchased fresh kale all winter! If you don’t have a
garden, buy it when it is in season, cheaper and local, and freeze in batches. To
do so you simply blanch it, and then freeze in little pucks. Simply grab a puck & add it into your smoothie every morning. *High five*, I just saved you enough money to
go to the movies and buy a huge bag of non- GMO popcorn! 😉
4. (Bonus!) Invest in a good blender.
When it comes to making smoothies I
can’t emphasize the importance of a good blender enough!!!
We used to use a Magic Bullet and now that we have a Blendtech, we can’t afford shoes for our
youngest child, but our smoothies are amazing. It’s the difference between
choking down an unblended strawberry or a smooth ride.
Mr. Nico enjoying some yummy healthy smoothie goodness!
See below for  two of my favourite smoothie recipes. Simply toss all of the ingredients into a blender until smooth & enjoy!
Each recipe makes one large cup of deliciousness

 Banana Butter Smoothie 
1 banana
1 heaping spoonful of peanut or almond butter
1 pitted date
1.5 cups of almond milk
1 scoop of hemp protein powder
1 puck of frozen kale (or a small handful of fresh)
4 ice cubes
½ tbsp of chia seeds


Ginger, & Green Apple Smoothie 

( Great for digestive problems!!)
 ¼ cup of cucumber

½ a Granny smith apple
2 thin slices of fresh ginger
1 date
1 puck of frozen kale or spinach (or a small handful of fresh)
1.5 cups of coconut water
5 ice cubes
Protein powder optional

PS- These are great for pouring into reusable pouches as mobile snacks for your little ones (like these ones from Little Green Pouch).

Looking for more great snack ideas? Check out the blog’s Yummy Mummy Recipes page! I can’t wait to share more posts from Jena soon- stay tuned!

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