1 Piece 3 Ways: Versatile Fashion with Fetch Consignment

I love shopping. More specifically, I love thrift and consignment shopping hunting. A good portion of my closet is made up of items I’ve scooped up from thrift and consignment stores, and many of my favourite pieces were bought used others I found in boho clothes stores. It’s a bit of an addiction to be honest. Sure, I love hitting up my favourite stores in the mall or shopping online for new items to add to my closet, but there’s something about walking into a used store or hunting online for pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve found some amazing designer and vintage pieces- even new items with tags- from these shopping adventures, and more than ever there are online options popping up so you can conveniently shop from home.
One of these amazing online stores is Fetch Consignment, a Vancouver based e- tailor with a fashion- forward approach to shopping consignment. What you’ll find on their website are beautiful clothes and accessories that they have selected for sale at reasonable prices, which they examine and guarantee- any imperfections are disclosed in the item description- and if you aren’t already a fan of this style of shopping, the ladies at Fetch may have you changing your mind. Rather than focusing on disposable fashion trends, Fetch has an eco- fashion approach, selecting pieces to consign that will become staples in your closet; their goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the clothing items that find their way to landfills each year. Refining the process to save shoppers time by offering a curated selection of quality pieces, they make it as easy as shopping for new and are helping to lower the stigma some still have towards buying used clothing.
I’ve been following Fetch on Instagram for a few months, and loved having the chance to collaborate with them on a fashion post styled with pieces from their online store (their inventory is always changing, so you may not find the specific pieces featured in this post on their website, but you can reach out to them and request help finding pieces). We wanted to show you how shopping consignment is a great way to add to your wardrobe and how you can create a variety of outfits with just a few articles of clothing. If you start with good pieces, it takes away the challenge of putting together an outfit- especially when you’re in a rush- and it can bring a lot of new possibilities for mix- and- matching pieces for different looks. Creating custom pieces of clothing that you can make match with just about everything in your wardrobe can create near-endless outfit possiblities, have a look into custom sweatshirts and other clothing items to see what you fancy designing, creating your own designs on clothing you like can allow you to throw some extra personality into your wardrobe, and hopefully make you feel fantastic while wearing it!

Rebecca and Devon, the lovely gals at Fetch, took 3 pieces, a shirt, a blazer, and a pair of pants, and created 3 outfits for each of us, accessorized with items available on their website and necklaces from JQ Vancouver: a casual look, one for work, and one for a night out. The results are a great example of how a few carefully chosen pieces can transform your style and stretch your fashion budget. I hope this post shows you how shopping consignment is a great way to refresh your style and to check out this great online fashion source.

Fetch is an online Vancouver- based women’s consignment store that offers quality gently used clothing and accessories, with an eco- fashion conscience. By utilizing Fetch’s search filters, shoppers can quickly and easily find pieces they will like, making it as quick and easy to #shopFetch as it is when shopping new. Backed by their quality guarantee, Fetch ensures the quality of the pieces customers receive. To check out what’s currently available, visit the Fetch website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest product listings.
A big THANK YOU to everyone who collaborated on this post:
Photographer- Matt Hanns Schroeter | Instagram: @matthanns | Twitter: @matthanns
Jewelery- JQ Vancouver | Instagram: @jqvancouver | Twitter: @JQvancouver
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