Dairy Free Easter Basket

Easter & chocolate just seem to go hand in hand. But if your family is like ours & has to skip the chocolate in the Easter egg hunt it can be tricky to think of ideas to put in a dairy free Easter basket. Because I don’t want my 21 month old completely hocked up on sugar I wanted our Easter basket & egg hunt to not only be dairy free but not stuffed to the brim with other sweet confections (see my idea for moolah below- Ari loves putting coins in her piggy bank & it’s so cute to watch, so this is as much for my enjoyment as it is hers) ;). Since I don’t think I’m the only parent thinking this way I thought I’d share 3 ideas for a fun dairy free Easter basket (I’m prepped a little early this year since #2 is due right around Easter weekend).

 1. $$$ for their piggy bank 
What kid doesn’t love a little moolah? Plus it’s a great way to use up loose change. Pop a few coins in each plastic egg for a fun Easter egg hunt idea                                        
2. Marshmallows or another sweet treat 
Peeps might be the classic choice but I love that these gourmet chick mallows are made with honey instead of corn syrup & there are plenty of dairy- free candy options out there. Just pick ones your kids love & are age- appropriate        
 3. Activity kit 
As a fun little gift to unwrap, why not give your kiddo something you can do together? A craft kit or something Spring- themes are great inexpensive ideas
#Shoplocal Where to Buy:
Honey- sweetened gourmet marshmallows- WHIPPED Baked Goods & Confectionary 
‘My Little Box of Gardening’ Kit- Local garden centre (I’ve seen these at a few stores)
(also see herehere, and here for some other fun craft/ activity ideas from 2 companies I like)
Bunny ears (for my little Easter bunny to wear on her egg hunt)- Cutie Pie Boutique
Have a Happy Easter!

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