Ready to Go Beach Bag

I like to think I’ve always been an organized person, but now as a Mom I have to always be a step ahead, especially when it comes to packing up and going somewhere- like the beach! A trick I’ve learnt is to always keep a bag packed and ready, so all we have to do when we want to go somewhere is grab it & go. See below for what I keep in my Ready to go Beach Bag!

Ready to go Beach Bag

1. Plastic basket- Dollar Tree Canada
I know I said ‘bag’ but these are great to put everything in- plus it’s easy to wash at the end of a beach day
2. Sunscreen- Alba Botanica
You can’t go anywhere in the Summer without the stuff & I like this brand’s natural products.
3. Wipes- Seventh Generation
Good to have on hand to clean up spills and wipe sticky ice- creamy hands (and help wipe off sand too!).
4. Outdoor blanket- JJ Cole
You need something to lie on at the beach & I love how easy to clean & travel- friendly this one is- it’s one of my most- used gifts I received at my baby shower.
5. Towel- Carter’s Canada
I love hooded towels for little ones and how cute is this flamingo one???
6. Flip flops- Old Navy Canada
A Summer staple, nothing to add!
7. Water shoes- Carter’s Canada
Perfect to protect little feet from walking over rocks & sand.
8. Sunnies- Carter’s Canada
You’ve got to protect those little eyes and why not do it in style?
9. UV Rash guard bathing suit- Carter’s Canada
I love the built- in UV protection & long sleeves- these are my fav bathing suits for Ari.
10. Sun hat- Old Navy Canada
For added protection from the sun & heat I love wide- brimmed hats
11. Wet bag- Little Alligator
To bring home all the wet gear – just toss the contents & bag in the wash when you get home!

Please note: I did not receive endorsements from any brands to include their products in this post, the items I have included reflect ones that I use and love!

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