5 Minute Makeup with Elate Clean Cosmetics

In my journey to remove chemicals from my family’s lives I’ve been re- thinking the products we use, including everything from cleaners to personal care products. And that includes makeup. Many of us have a daily routine that involves layering chemical- laden products on one of the most delicate parts of our body- our face- without much thought to how this might be affecting the rest of our bodies and the very skin we’re applying them to. Luckily there are more options becoming available that aren’t full of scary chemicals, but quality ingredients, ones that are actually good for our skin.

With that being said, one of the natural cosmetic lines I’ve been really excited about is Elate Cosmetics (part of the Leaping Bunny Program & found on the Think Dirty App) and and I’ve been enjoying trying out their products as I cleanse my makeup bag (check out this post featuring 2 of their other products, including their AMAZING mascara). So when the opportunity came up to try out their Spring 2015 line complete with a makeup bag from Smoking Lily I was one very happy mama (who can turn down an offer like that???)! 

The Spring 2015 collection from Elate Cosmetics

Please note that the pressed cheek powder in the above photo was a purchase I made from their existing product line to replace another bronzer I had been using & have included in this post as part of my 5- minute makeup routine. 

As a Mom of a very active 21 month old and #2 due to arrive at any time, it’s safe to say my time is limited when it comes to my morning makeup routine. Unless I motivate myself to roll out of bed a few minutes early (which these days never happens) I have the pleasure of the company of my little lady while I try and polish my appearance. It can be fun company, but sometimes you just need to get up & go and a toddler can definitely make your time in front of the mirror much less productive.
Since this is a common theme among many of my friends I thought it would be a fun experiment/ challenge to see if I could get myself ready to face the day in 5 minutes (or less) using the goodies I received from Elate. I’m happy to say that I achieved my goal and was really happy with the results. See below for my five minute makeup routine & info about the products I used.
…And After!

Ready, set, go!
1. Start by applying your foundation of choice (I use a mineral powder as a base to keep my makeup feeling light & clean).
2. Apply blush and/ or bronzer, and add highlights. Blend until desired effect is reached.
Products used: Universal Creme in Tender  & Wonder (used as a highlighter on cheeks and above eyes) followed by Flushed Cheek Colour in Sunkissed Bronzer (an existing product I purchased from Elate). Elate’sUniversal Cremes come shaped perfectly for defining cheekbones and to use on lips, making them easy to apply. 
3. Use an eyelash curler to curl lashes and apply first coat of mascara. Apply eyeshadow(s) while you wait for first coat to dry. Follow with a second coat of mascara (I’ll sometimes go for thirds depending on what look I want) ;). 
Products used: Essential mascara (an existing product from Elate that I already had & love); Create Pressed Eye Colour in Rebirth, and Loose Twinkle Powder in Ethereal. 
4. Finish off with your lips: If using, apply lipstick followed by a coat of gloss (or go with just the gloss for a lighter look).
Products used:  Creme Lipstick in Naked and Moisturizing Lipgloss in Sprightly (I also love using Elate’s Universal Creme in Bliss as a foundation colour under gloss). Swap in Elate’s Creme Lipstick in Vivacious from the Spring ’15 Collection for a perfect night- time/ vixen twist.

Products Used


Universal Creme in Tender- soft pink with brown undertones  & Wonder- neutral light beige with a shimmer  (used as a highlighter on cheeks and above eyes)
The photo on the right shows how these two colours appear on fair skin. Looking at the ball of my hand, Tender is the upper colour and Wonder is below.
Product feature I love: Contains lemongrass essential oil which is great for sensitive/ acne- prone skin. 
Flushed Cheek Colour in Sunkissed Bronzer
Product feature I love: You can purchase a reusable bamboo compact from Elate to use with one or two powders. Perfect if you want to reduce waste & are a lover of sustainable resources (so you can look good and feel good with your makeup choices!).

Essentials Mascara (see this post for more on this product)
Create Pressed Eye Colour in Rebirth– mossy green
Loose Twinkle Powder in Ethereal– peachy/ golden sparkle
Product features I love: There are no nasty chemicals in any of Elate’s eye products (think: how often do you get eyeshadow or mascara gooped in your eye?). The pressed eye colours are made from mineral pigments and can be used damp for a more intense colour or as an eyeliner. Elate also carries a bamboo compact fitted with room for three pressed eye colours.


Creme Lipstick in Naked– a medium nude brown
Moisturizing Lipgloss in Sprightly- bright coral
Vivacious- Sheer berry (I didn’t use this colour in my 5 minute makeup routine, but it’s a beauty! See photo above)
Product feature I love: Elate’s lip products contain shea & mango butter, and coconut oil to help moisturize your kisser. Pucker up ladies!

Each collection Elate launches it includes a gift with purchase. For the Spring 2015 Collection they have partnered with local Victoria company, Smoking Lily, to treat customers with a cute little cosmetics bag with their purchase of $75+. 
If you’ve been looking for some natural makeup options, make sure you check out this amazing BC company! In addition to being chemical free, their products are also cruelty free, organic, vegan, and gluten free! 
Hugs & Kisses to the lovely Melodie from Elate for the makeup!

Elate Cosmetics is based in Victoria, BC and offers a variety of natural cosmetics with a skincare line due for release in the Fall of 2015. Visit the company’s website to learn more & shop online. You can also find them on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram
The Think Dirty App helps consumers easily identify the toxic chemicals found in the cosmetics & personal products they buy. When you scan the barcode of a product, Think Dirty will provide a rating plus information on the product & it’s ingredients and suggest cleaner options.  For more information about the Think Dirty App, click here. You can also find the app on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram. 

The Leaping Bunny program provides assurance to consumers that no new animal testing is used in any phase of a product’s development, including the company, its laboratories, or suppliers.

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